Château Petit Versailles
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Grey Suite

Stability, security, authority, maturity

Petit Versailles’ Grey Suite is comprised of a small entrance room, the grand bedroom, a separate bathroom, and is held in stable and mature grey tones.

A unique feature of this suite is the interesting selection of old books and scripts from the library. The bedroom incorporates a king-size bed, wardrobe, lounge area, working table and an entertainment system. The bathroom is contemporarily designed and features a double washbasin, a bathtub, and a shower.

Mint Green Suite

Serenity, sophistication

The Mint Green Suite, which is considered to be a family suite, is designed in serene and sophisticated mint green color tones.

From the entrance room it opens onto the main bedroom with its two king-size beds, a wardrobe, a working table, a bar as well as an entertainment system. Noticeable is the suite’s hand drawn mint green and golden wallpaper. The design of the suite’s bathroom is contemporary with a double washbasin, a bathtub, and a shower.

Purple Suite

Royalty, luxury, wisdom, spirituality, passion, magic

With a magical and yet luxurious color palette, the Purple Suite enchants with beautifully renovated antique furniture and a relaxing ambiance.

The entrance room opens on the main bedroom, which houses a king-size bed, a spacious lounge area and a gold-plated dominant emperor table. Also notice the precious drapery on the lounge chairs.

Yellow Suite

History, richness, tradition, conservative

The conservative yellow color tones of the Yellow Suite emphasize on the history and tradition of Petit Versailles.

Through the suite’s entrance room you will access the yellow bedroom which provides a king-size bed, a wardrobe, a working table, a small bar, as well as the standard entertainment system. Also the Yellow Suite features a contemporary bathroom. All curtains of the suite are delicately sewed by hand.

Light Blue Suite

Calming, patient, cool

The Light Blue Suite is kept in calming and cool color tones, and equally provides its guests with all desired comforts and luxuries.

Notably in the bedroom is the unique chaiselongue with its light blue seat cushion. It has been elaborately renovated and hand crafted by an upholsterer. Certainly, the suite possesses a king size bed, as well as a separate bathroom, with a bathtub and a shower.

Red Suite

Passion, romance, excitement

Feel the excitement in Petit Versailles’ Red Suite.

Its romantic red color tones undoubtedly bring across passionate emotions. The bright and striking Chesterfield headboard has been upholstered with precious velvet.

Golden Suite

Joy, friendliness, energy, warmth, cheerfulness

The luxurious and yet joyful golden color tones bring about a comforting warmth.

The king size bed is embellished with soft and fluffy duvet covers which are entirely sewed by hand. Like the Light Blue Suite, the Golden Suite also features an artistic chaiselongue in delicate golden and light tones, which additionally enhance the energetic and yet friendly vibrancy of the suite.

Rosé Suite

Romance, compassion, faithfulness

The Rosé Suite’s tender and calming color tones will undoubtedly make your stay cozy and restful.

The romantic and compassionate attributes of the rosé color are coherently spread out over the entire suite, including the entrance hall, the bedroom, as well as the bed covers, curtains, and cushions of the working desk chair.

Hunting Green Suite

Royalty, luxury, wisdom, spirituality, passion, magic

Dedicated to the traditional hunting practices around Petit Versailles, the Hunting Green Suite is kept in royal and historical hunting green color tones and nuances.

Further enhancing is the admirable antique hand stitched canvas which seamlessly blends into the suite’s overall ambiance.

Dark Blue Suite

Peace, stability, calmness, tranquility, affection

The Dark Blue Suite is the largest of the second upper floor. Calming dark blue colors will make your stay peaceful and relaxing.

With a separate guest bedroom, a fully equipped separate kitchen and a separate bathroom, this suite is ideal for a small family. Both master and guest bedroom feature a king-size bed.

Cinema & Conference Room

Organize professional meetings

Besides social events and celebrations, Petit Versailles is also a unique location to host and organize networking and business events as well as corporate presentations.

The smartly designed and equipped conference room specifically targets all necessary requirements for professional meetings and conferences, with a possibility to seat up to 40 guests.

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