Château Petit Versailles
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Suite Marie Thérèse Charlotte

The Princess Suite

The Suite Marie Thérèse Charlotte, also referred to as the Princess Suite, is the largest and most spacious suite in Petit Versailles.

Beautifully decorated in the baroque style, the Princess Suite is divided into 5 rooms. The entrance hall opens onto the generous living room to the right, which features a lovely marble chimney, a solid wood dinner table for up to 6-8 people, as well as a private bar and a small basin. Furthermore a work desk is available.

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Suite Maria Theresia

The Dutchess Suite

Referred to as the Dutchess Suite, the Suite Maria Theresia is divided into 4 rooms. It is the second largest suite in Petit Versailles.

Entering the suite, you will find the entrance hall, which itself is equipped with a lounge area, a bar, as well as an entertainment system. To the left you will find the Dutchess bedroom with its king-size bed covered in hand picked linen. Additionally notable is the delicate make-up table.

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Suite Marie Antoinette

The Queen Suite

Also known as the Queen Suite, the Suite Marie Antoinette is divided into 5 rooms. It is the largest of the four suites located on the first upper floor.

You will enter the suite via its own private tea kitchen, which opens onto the private tea saloon and bar. The tea saloon is gently held in light blue color tones, ranging from wall paint, over seat cushions, to the porcelain selection. To the left, you will find the grand master bedroom with king-size bed covered with hand picked linen, a make-up table, and an ample dressing area.

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Suite Sissi

The Empress Suite

The fourth suite on the first upper floor is Suite Sissi, also referred to as the Empress Suite. It features an entrance room which leads to the suite’s own living room and the main bedroom.

The spacious living room is equipped with a tiled stove, a dedicated lounge area, a round table seating 4 people, as well as an entertainment system.

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