Château Petit Versailles
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Château Petit Versailles is located in the near surrounding of Vienna.

Whether you intend on arriving via international flights from abroad, need to be picked up by helicopter or by a private chauffeur, anything can be arranged, in order to ensure the most comfortable journey to Schloss Frohsdorf.

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Arrival by Plane (VIE)


New York 9 hrs


Shanghai 11 hrs
Singapore 14 hrs
Tokyo 11 hrs

Middle East

Dubai 9 hrs


Marrakesh 4 hrs
Cape Town 19 hrs

Arrival by Car

Inner Austria

Vienna City Center 40 min
Vienna Airport 30 min
Graz 1 hr

From Germany

Munich 4 hrs

From Czech Republic

Prague 3 hrs
Brno 2 hrs

From Slovakia

Bratislava 1 hr

Arrival by Helicopter

Inner Austria

Vienna Airport 15 min
Graz 50 min
Salzburg 1 hr

From Slovakia

Bratislava 30 min

Private Helicopter Landing

The fastest and most spectacular arrival.

The estate garden hosts vast spaces that can be used as landing ports for multiple helicopters, and thus ensures a fast and easy arrival or departure.

Whether you are under time pressure and need to reach or leave the castle quickly, a helicopter is without a doubt the optimal solution. If not, then surprise your kids, or friends with a spontaneous helicopter sightseeing tour, starting right in the castle garden.

Private Chauffeur Service

Comfort and peace while on the road.

Beside your own private chef and butler service, Château Petit Versailles lets you take full advantage of a chauffeur service, wherever you are.

Start your holiday in the proper manner, and have a private chauffeur pick you up from anywhere. Arrive to the estate with ease and in style. The luxury starts right here, long before you arrive to the castle.