Château Petit Versailles
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An estate is never whole without its exterior gardens and open spaces.

Château Petit Versailles stretches far beyond its luxurious interior suites and halls. Its gardens and forests proudly incorporate and display the castle, and the ingredients from the organic vegetable garden and fields complete the gourmet menu.

The Castle Garden

Incorporating and highlighting the château.

The castle Petit Versailles is surrounded by 11 hectares of private estate gardens. They were first designed, planned and laid out in the 17th Century.

The original intention, which remains unchanged until today, was to complement the lordly and yet graceful architecture of the castle itself within its surroundings. In accordance with its name, Petit Versailles was intended to look like a vast French chateau upon its constructions and renovations, and thus needed a representable and equally prominent garden.

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Organic Vegetable Garden & Healthy Living

Eating naturally, all year round.

Schloss Frohsdorf is home to a private organic vegetable garden, which is the ideal food source for a balanced and healthy gourmet menu.

Clean and organic food and ingredients are an underestimated luxury. We aim to pursue a sustainable and natural way of growing food, and to complete the cycle by directly involving this process into the planning of delicious gourmet menus, all prepared in-house by a professional chef.

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Sustainable Fields & Forests

Live in the center of nature.

Château Petit Versailles is surrounded by multiple hectares of fields and deep forests, home to many species of animals such as birds, red deer or wild boars.

Stay quiet and watch the red deer appear at the estate's own feeding grounds located near the garden's center fountain. On special request, private estate huntings can be arranged, according to local hunting season and regulation.