Château Petit Versailles
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Welcome to the Austrian fairy tale experience at Château Petit Versailles! This magical place is perfect for your dream wedding, special celebrations, a private vacation hideaway or for your professionally arranged corporate festivities. Enjoy the beautiful Austrian nature as you wander around our beautiful gardens and forests, or go on a trek through the nearby Alps.

Château Petit Versailles

Château Petit Versailles (Schloss Frohsdorf) is the unprecedented dream wedding, celebrations, private vacation, and corporate congress location in the surroundings of Vienna.

With 110,000 m2 private estate you shall follow the footsteps of kings and queens, and dive into an authentic Austrian wonderland, dating back to the 14th Century.

Immerse into an ancient world of over 4,500 m2 private suite and community space and discover the hidden secrets of Petit Versailles. Book your own emperor castle and experience the lifestyle of the French king Louis XVI with all modern amenities and comforts.

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An ensemble of 14 high-end luxury suites, a private chapel, a luxurious spa, a gourmet temple including an extraordinary wine cellar, a conference room, numerous cabinets and halls as well as a 10,000 m2 private estate garden and tennis court are only a few examples of the plenty offerings to make your own special event a unique and unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.

Château Petit Versailles is located in the proximity of Vienna, voted the world's most livable city for five consecutive years, and can easily be reached by car (40 min from Austria's capital) or by helicopter (20 min from Vienna's international airport).

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